Dirty shoes? How to Clean Suede and Leather Shoes. A simple guide.


how to clean your expensive suede nabuk shoes

All depends on the size of the sign, stain or dirt on the shoe. If your suede / nabuk shoes take rain or bathe, the first thing to do is to dry them in a dry place away from heat sources. Once dried, with a soft bristle brush (always in the same direction), brushed to give the material its original vitality.
If the shoes are dry and have more visible edges (mud or the like), just dab with a slightly moistened sponge on the flakes, without applying too much force. It is important, then, to dry everything away from sources of heat and not in the sun.


How to clean oil and grease stains from your shoes:
There is nothing worse for our shoes, especially on light fabrics, but everything is remedied! The important thing is to act as soon as possible so that the fibers do not completely absorb the oily element. Do not use sponges before following this guide or risk splitting dirt around:
1. Apply talcum powder or starch on the affected area
2. Place a layer of absorbent paper and place a weight on it
3. Let it work at least half an hour
4. After the time, use a soft damp sponge to remove the talc or starch.
5. Allow to dry. If the stain has not decreased sufficiently, the procedure may be repeated but may also damage the other healthy areas of the shoe.

Note: For leather shoes it is more difficult to get oil or grease stains but it is still possible. If they do not go away with a damp sponge, use a cream for leather shoes to cover the damage. Make sure you use the most similar color possible or risk having different color shoes! You can slightly shade the area with the sponge to notice less difference. The technique above applies also to scratches on leather shoes.


For light stains on Suede, Nabuk and other delicate fabrics:
1. Stroke the shoe with a special soft cloth to remove light dirt.
2. Strophin with a soft brush for suede / nabuk making circular movements. Do not dwell too much on an area or damage the fabric!
3. Apply dry spray / dry cleaner to Nabuk or Camoscio on the particularly dirty area.
4. Dab with a dry soft cloth.


To clean your Leather footwear:
1. Remove the laces.
2. Remove dirt with a damp cloth.
3. Wait 5min to dry it completely.
4. Apply the protective cream with a special sponge. For black skin, it is advisable to use black shoe cream. For other colors, we recommend a neutral cream as it is otherwise likely to alter the original color of the vamp.

how to clean expensive leather shoes shine

How to clean the bottom or sole of your shoes:
1. For the bottom (sole) you can use a brush to remove dirt.
2. For the front side, just use a wet synthetic cloth. Detergents can be used for both sections, but not when the para is for example white, as the product may yellow or alter the original material.


spray to protect suede nabuk shoes from water

Maintenance of suede and nabuk shoes:
These shoes should be brushed frequently to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating between the fibers. It is important to use a brush with light soft bristles, if the fabric is clear, and dark, if the fabric is dark. Always brush in the same direction to avoid damaging the hair. After this maintenance, sprays can also be applied (spatially) to protect the suede, making it more resistant to water and dirt.

Maintenance of leather shoes:
The skin needs to be treated every now and then to maintain its original shine. Clean your shoes first with a soft cloth and then apply the neutral cream with the sponge secured by circular movements. The cream should be smoothly spread on the shoe and dry for a few minutes. Quality leather shoes, if treated with care can last for decades!


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